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Tristan Waterkeyn established Overtone in 2005.

Overtone is a South African music industry portal, gig guide and networking website. The vision behind it is to provide every creative individual in South Africa with access to a free marketing platform.

Overtone is a CMS that is member driven and all content is managed and maintained by our members, from the gig guides to the articles and band pages. Bands even post their free tickets on the site all the time.

Overtone has expanded to fulfil a range of services from Bulk Email and mailing list management systems to hosting and web development. Overtone manages recording studios and can take an artist through the entire process of creating and publishing their work.

Overtone holds at its core the requirement for all creative people to own their creative works outright. We help take their creative energy to the market and we use the web as our medium.

Jonathan Hitchcock was involved during the very earliest attempts at building this system with a view to integrating it to a flash site. Unfortunately this plan was dropped as it became clear that a flash site was not the way forward to achieve the goals of the project.

After a number of disastrous attempts Overtone was custom built in India adn the website was launched.

Since then it has become apparent that the only realistic way forward is via current open source platforms.

We are currently looking at transferring our systems over to the Drupal? platform and would very much like the help and advice of the open source community to achieve this.

If you are a Drupal? Developer and would like to be involved with this project please contact me at :

info at overtone dot co dot za or give me a call on +27 82 518 2719

Overtone - The South African Music Portal

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