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Name: Raoul Snyman

Date of Birth: 20 July 1980

Day Job: Independent Online

Other Work: Saturn Laboratories

Job Description: Web developer

Distro: Ichthux (Kubuntu for Christians) on the desktop and Ubuntu Server on the server

Linux User Number: 333298

Web Site:

Blog: (back up again)




I use SuSE GNU/Linux both at work and at home.

Web Design

I do web design, and focus heavily on standards compliance. To this end, I have started a site specifically for South African web designers which contains articles, forums, mailing lists and perhaps even a wiki. You can visit my site by surfing to


I enjoy fiddling with a bit of electronics from time to time. Unfortunately I haven't had time in recent years, so my stuff is mostly packed in the garage.


I am a Christian, and I go to Holy Trinity Church, Gardens. Jesus Christ is the reason I live, and following Him is my main passion in life. I am involved in the music and multimedia at church, and am doing my best to convert everyone there to Linux.


Music is one of my biggest passions in life. I am constantly listening to music, and I even have tried my hand at composing a bit. I enjoy a huge range of music, with the main exceptions being classical and jazz. All the music I listen to is Christian.


These are a couple of the projects that I am involved in.


OpenLP is an open source lyrics projection application, made specifically for use in churches. OpenLP's features include transition effects, song database, showing alert messages and an easy-to-use interface. Currently there is only a Windows version available, but a cross-platform version is in the works.

RingHTML 3.0

RingHTML 3.0 is an easy-to-use open source HTML code editor, with wizards to semi-automate the most common tasks when creating web pages. With syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, JavaScript and a few other languages, RingHTML can be used as a general web editor. It includes a revamped version of the QuickPage Wizard, where you can create whole web sites in a jiffy.

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