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The Basics

I'm just another random geek, originally from Cape Town, but now living in Surrey in the United Kingdom. By day I work as an SAP consultant, by night I play with real computers (no, PeeCees are not real computers) and hack on whatever itch needs to be scratched.

My favourite operating system is NetBSD - in the words of Jochen Kunz, the most sane implementation of the UNIX paradigm. When it comes to Linux, Debian is my preferred distribution. Hardware-wise, I have a particular fondness for SPARC-and Alpha-based systems, particularly if they're running NetBSD. I have also been known to use Mac OS X at times...

Wiki Contributions

I haven't contributed much to the wiki yet:


More info about me can be found on my homepage. In addition, I blog about my adventures playing with old hardware, hacking on NetBSD and generally being a geek. You can usually find me in #clug as MrKen.

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