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Ahh ... what to put on a personal page? Well, for the competition, maybe I should put some pictures of sexy girls and my computer and some info about making money quick ... or stopping spam or creating world peace and eliminating hunger. Ahhh well ...

Well, I will start with a link to my journal on slashdot, where you can read some of my ravings about Windows, Linux, and the computing industry as a whole. My more recent ravings will be appearing on my brand new (as of March 2007) blog

First then, About Me:

I am a so-called big-iron Unix administrator, specializing Solaris - I am also a long-time Solaris Bigot, the reasons for which I will go into later on. I am 34 (2007), married, live in Cape Town northern suburbs, enjoy Hiking, playing pool, reading Fantasy Sci-Fi, and playing the odd computer game.

I am addicted to reading up Hardware Reviews Sites? of the latest and greatest available goodies, and recently bought a FujiFilm S5500 camera sporting 10x Optical Zoom and continuous shooting modes, so I could upload some pictures to this page eventually! And finally, I'm a sensible Ford driver.

My projects:

My workstation is based on the [GA-K8NXP-SLI motherboard], and runs Ubuntu with a mildly customized kernel. I don't have a single MS Windows file on the computer, not even for Wine, though the temptation is there to install Windows to be able to play some games.

Maybe I'll upgrade it to a dual-core CPU later. Maybe I won't. Right now it is more likely that I will turn this motherboard into a file server, and get a new motherboard for my workstation.

In fact, setting up a file server is currently the big project I'm working on, to which end I've so far acquired a Thermaltake Armor VA8000 case. This case is truly beautiful in every possible way. I could not help but rebuild my workstation into this case, just to give it something to do!

Also a future project is getting all the Windows Games I like to run under Linux.

One of the coolest things I've done recently (during the past 6 months or so) is to get the so-called "Google Browser Sync" extension for Firefox installed. This extension motivated me to get my link collection organized - losing my bookmarks every so often kinda put a damper on keeping it neat and tidy. At present I have some 683 bookmarks, and the beauty of it is that it is neatly organized into categories and sub-categories, it is easy to find what I need, and I am not likely to lose my bookmarks as it is constantly and dynamically backed up to Google's browser sync service!

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