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Jeremy Thurgood (also known as jerith and, on occasion, "Hey you!") is an electronic engineer by training, a programmer by choice and a dabbler in several mysterious and arcane arts. He has been known to discourse knowledgeably on a wide variety of surprising topics, but is often unable to explain what he ate for breakfast. He tends to drink tea a lot and frequently scares small children.

During office hours, he is one of the elite cadre that makes the internet work (bits of it, anyway) and in his spare time he tries his best to break it. He is a strong believer in the power of optimism over the laws of physics and on at least one occasion has entirely failed to leap a tall building in a single bound. Since then, he has learned the wisdom of moderation and plans two bounds for his next attempt.

Jeremy is fluent in several programming languages (including Python, C, Java, Ruby, and a bunch he won't mention in case someone asks him to do something with them) and can get by in several more. He understands the difference between objects and closures and prefers the latter. He is a novice in the Order of the Lambda Calculus, but hopes to achieve knighthood before the heat-death of the universe. He speaks English with a strong geek accent and dabbles in ancient Atlantean (but only for the Words of Power).

He is, at heart, a console jockey and distrusts anything with pretty pictures in it, especially "office" applications and system management GUIs. His preferences in both hardware and software (of all descriptions) can usually be ascertained by listening for the distant sound of ranting about everything else. He will sometimes go through phases of enthusiasm for some new technology before deciding that it is, like all the others, basically crap.

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