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I'm an opensource enthusiast with a good background in programming and system administration. I program in C, C++, Java and -- when no one is looking -- PHP.

I live in Somerset West and currently work in Stellenbosch.

I am known as the guy who writes unecessarily long explanations to simple questions on clug-tech.

Where I come from

I was born in Windhoek in Namibia. I grew up on my father's farm where I learned a great many hands-on things, literally. I went to Eros Primary School, then to the Technical High School (which despite it's name is in fact an academic high school with additional technical subjects). I went on to study Computer Science at the university of Stellenbosch, after which I worked for them for three and a half years as a system administrator, whilst also doing my honours degree.


I've jumped on the ubuntu bandwagon. I run the latest ubuntu at home.

Most recent big thing done

Resigned from a position because I hate PHP... :-)

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