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1) I exist 2) I think therefore ;^)

Well, my first introduction to Unix was on AIX (RS6000), I recall version 2.1 or 2.2 something, that was second year university, circa 1992. During that time I got hooked on Unix, and was thinking of trying to get hold of Minix, until I saw somebody installing/using Linux (I recall that was either before or during the first kernel 0.99 series) and I was just there and then hooked on it.

So yeah, that meant downloading the stiffy images of SLS (Soft Landing Systems), cut them to stiffy (I spent several days doing that with different distros over two years at the console of the RS/6000), and then then going home and install it. I think I still have one or two of those Stiffies I haven't yet thrown in the waste basket (Hey, I used those stiffies for firmware upgrades ;^)

Anycase, still getting life sorted out after I've resigned from Internet Solutions.

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