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I'm a wanna-be geek.

Ok, so I have recently converted to Debian from all those other distro's and am loving every minute of it.

I do Linux training, develop coursework and am working on a couple of projects that I hope to turn into cash at some point in the near future.

Well, actually, I HAVE to turn them into cash!

I love Perl, but am teaching myself Python at the mo on Thomas A's advice.

<B>On general non-computer related stuff</b>

Oh, did I mention I have interests outside Linux and Open Source. Not many people who're involved in the movement can say that

Mountain biking - yea, I want to ride the Cape Epic next year - anyone want to partner me, surf-skiing, sailing and running.

UPDATE: Recently taken up kite boarding - best sport EVER. Even better than Linux - opps, perhaps the wrong forum to say that!

<B>On lawnmowers</b>

I also love gardening and especially mowing my lawn. I have some real fun pic's of me and my lawnmower. It is and orange Rolux 3.5Hp Cylinder mower.

It cuts the grass beautifully! I service it regularly myself and I am wanting to (when I have more time) join the lawnmower entusiasts club in the UK.

<B>On fish</b>

Then there is my interest in fish. When I grow tired of this computer thing, I will retire to the Eastern Cape somewhere, buy a small holding with sea in the

front and mountain behind, and start breading Malawian Cichlids.

<b>On the environment</b>

I'm a keen environmentalist and have been since my days as a child; collecting snakes, grasshoppers, lizards and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I still

love being outdoors and would not pass up the opportunity to get "Out There" at a moment's notice. Things are a little more difficult these days given family and

work committments (;

Happy hacking.


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