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Hi I'm Eddie, linux geek and selfproclaimed php script kiddy by day and night ;) works at (erm.. gets paid by) Realtime Travel connections, and its fantastic to have a hobby that turned into work. Linux rules man! doesnt matter what distro you use. you too can make a /bin/diff universe!

Likes my mandrake workstations, (update: switched to gentoo and ubuntu for the 64bit machines), urpmi --update universe, although distro agnostic. Gets kicks out of commandline, although loves kde desktop, vi, konqueror, opera, kmail, postfix, courier-imap, unreal tournament and quake, wget, strace, science, scifi, and lots and lots of favourite apps/hobbies.

am not talking much, too busy playing for food. go take opensource one step further, google for hmm.. what to say.. not sure.. go read my homepage (if the dyndns is updated)

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