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Brian Modra

... a software developer specialising in Database application design.

Database application should always involve considerations about scalability, and Brian's company Research & Development always designs in scalability, even if the application is small.

Brian's company Zwartberg Research & Development is a small company with close associates who can be called in as needed depending on the type of job.

The software is always Open Source (unless specifically requested by a client), and the only charge is for time spent tailoring or writing specific extensions... but the company has a framework for application development called : The Karoo Project, which makes application development extremely simple, and also makes the applications inherently scalable. It was designed initially for super-computing real-time applications (specifically, for musical instrument physical modeling for a musical performance), but lately took a turn towards business applications, simply because a client requested it. Brian was shocked out of his boots to realise just how appropriate it was for business applications. In fact its sitting right in the middle of a huge gap in Linux computing needs.

It provides the ability to create a client/server business application with a web front end. There is about one tool out there that provides this for Linux now, so that in itself is a "gap", but the real point here is that there is nothing out there now, apart from The Karoo Project - as a framework for easy application development which is truly scalable, and which makes it simple to create multi-threaded distributed database applications.

At the time of writing this, The Karoo Project's Sourceforge files are a bit out of date. This is because the project has grown a lot, too quickly. It needs documenting, and each of the new modules needs testing.

Brian Modra is epailty in IRC, and User:Epailty? in the wiki.

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