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Profiles: Adrianna Pińska

I'm a Cape Town programmer. I am currently doing a masters in CS at UCT. I enjoy SF literature, pencil-and-paper RPGs and various related activities.

Contact me if you want to edit the wiki, or if you just want to shout at me because the migration isn't done yet.

Emailadrianna dot pinska at gmail dot com
IRCconfluence (Atrum); confluency (Freenode)
FacebookLOL NO
Current distro at varsityUbuntu Xenial
Current distro at homeUbuntu Yakkety
Favourite languagesPython, Perl, Bash
Favourite open source appsOkular, Fluxbox, Scribus, Kate, Inkscape, the GIMP, PmWiki, awk, sed, Yakuake (quakelike terminals ftw), Quassel, Tiny Tiny RSS, Firefox (bloated, but extensible), Picard (Make it so!), Audacious, Calibre
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