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Name: Adrian Moisey

Age: 10

Work: Frogfoot Networks

Distro: Debian & Ubuntu

Linux User Number: 201152

Hobbies: Bass Guitar

Favorite Open Source Projects

This is a list of some of my favorite open source projects


ClamAV is an excellent anti virus package, possibly better then commercial antivirus packages. The debian clamav packages are very well kept and easy to use. There is a lot of support for ClamAV, which means that ClamAV is updated very frequently, and you will be kept up to date all of the time.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great e-mail client with tons of features. It is easy to use and it supports IMAP/POP and RSS. Unfortunatly it doesn't support GPG out of the box. But development never stops with Thunderbird, there are new features added all the time.


I think Nmap is the best port scanner I've ever seen. It got lots of features and is easy to use. I don't use it often, just now and then. But when I do use it, its easy to use. There are a lot of its features that I don't use. I've never looked into using them. Thats what I like about Nmap, everyone takes it for granted, but then it suprises you with a new feature.


I'm not sure why I like ssh so much. Its easy to use, secure and has some cool features. You can do X11 forwarding, tunneling, reverse tunneling and all of that is encrypted. I use it everyday.


s1mps is a project to write an opensource firmware for the s1mp3 music player. I own one of these players and I would like to run open source software and be able to play OGGs.


I don't think Ubuntu needs an introduction. I run it on my desktop and am very happy with it. Ubuntu is updated often and has a great community.

My contributions:

Creating a swap file?

Converting from ext2 to ext3?


Misc Info

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