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CLUG Park is a planet aggregation of all CLUGgers' blogs.


The content is totally unrestricted, and if you read it, you will probably read about people's personal lives as well as their technical ramblings. It isn't a 'technology' park; just a way to keep a finger on the blogging side of the CLUG community.

All the feeds are the raw, unfiltered blog feeds. Reading CLUG park is like following each blog individually -- you'll read about children, relationships, silly news, and geeking.

There is a separate, technical-only planet (which uses category-restricted feeds). At the moment, it doesn't have as many aggregated blogs. Submit your "technical" feed to Stefano Rivera.

New Feeds

You should first upload yourself a CLUG Park avatar to the wiki (instructions below). To get yourself added to the park, contact a CLUG webmaster and point them at your avatar on the wiki.

Creating a CLUG Park avatar

  1. If you don't already have a CLUG Park avatar, visit and create one for yourself. You can use alternative style avatars (say [apt:memaker MeMaker])
  2. Then take a screenshot (because you can't save sp-studio avatars) and paste it in the image editor of your choice.
  3. Crop the image to just the avatar itself (gimp autocrop comes in handy here), and make the background transparent. Don't resize.
  4. Save as a PNG, with the filename mynick.png, where mynick is your IRC nick or general Internet pseudonym.
  5. Upload the PNG to this wiki (ask a committee member for access), and link it to your blog URL -- see how it's done by looking at the existing avatars. You can change your avatar and upload a new file whenever you like -- just make sure you use the same name. The planet will automatically use whatever file is uploaded to this wiki.

The Park Gallery

Andre Truter (Cacofonix)


Michael Gorven (cocooncrash)

Adrianna PiƄska (confluence)





Jonathan Groll (eyesonly)

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)

Simon Cross (Hodgestar)

Adrian Frith (htonl)

Jeremy Thurgood (jerith)

Johann Botha (joe)

Leon Christo

Mike Morris

Tristan Seligmann (mithrandi)

Morgan Collett (morgs)

Michael-John Turner (MrKen)

Neil Blakey-Milner (nbm)

Igshaan Mesias (NetDog)

Jonathan Endersby (nlt)


Christel Breedt (Pirogoeth)

Izak Burger (plonk)



Simeon Miteff (simeon)

Raoul Snyman (superfly)


Brendan Hide (Tricky)

Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed)

Graham Poulter (verdant)

Jonathan Hitchcock (Vhata)

Weiers Coetser (weiers)

Andy Rabagliati (wizzy)
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