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Message filters: Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Click on "Tools" -> "Message Filters"

2. Click on "New"

3. At Filter name, enter "CLUG-tech" (or chat or announce)

This will make it easy for you to find the rule when you have many filters.

4. You'll see three drop-down menus in the top box. By default, the first one says 'subject'. Click on it, and change it to "To or cc".

5. In the third field, enter (or clug-announce or clug-tech, depending on list)

6. In the bottom box, select "Move to folder"

7. Click on "New Folder" to create a folder to store all the messages in. If you're using IMAP, you might have to store this on a local folder.

8. Click on OK. When you receive mail that was sent to, it will now be filtered into the folder.

Other header fields

Sometimes the To or Cc field won't have clug-chat in it when it was sent to the list - i.e. Bcced messages. The most reliable and "correct" method of catching mailing list email is with the List-* headers. I.e.

 List-Id: "Discussions, Chats and Trivia" <>

To see all these headers go View->Message Source

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