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How do I subscribe to the CLUG mailing lists?

  1. Read the mailing list rules
  2. Choose a list you want to subscribe to
  3. Enter your name and email address
  4. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox; reply to it and send to finalize subscription.

What lists are available?


Join CLUG-announce:


The announce list is used to announce CLUG meetings and general events. Members may post to the CLUG-announce list, but it is subject to moderator approval.

This list is a very low traffic list, with an average of 1-2 e-mails per week.

If you subscribe to any other CLUG lists or follow any CLUG events, we recommend that you subscribe to CLUG-announce too.


Join CLUG-tech:


This list is used by users to ask Open Source technical questions and share solutions. Please do not post off-topic subjects to this list.

This list has reasonable traffic, with about 2-20 messages per day.


Join CLUG-chat:


CLUG-chat is the CLUG discussions list. It’s meant for discussions on open-source software and Linux related topics; generally CLUG-relevant topics but not within the charter of CLUG-tech.

This list’s traffic varies from ~ 0-30 emails a day.


Join CLUG-work:


CLUG-work is for Open Source-related employment. You may post requests for support, contracts and job adverts. The list is a service to the community; please no recruitment agents.

This is a currently a low-traffic list with 1-3 emails per week.


Join CLUG-noise:


CLUG-noise is a mailing list that exists purely for socialising and content that would be inappropriate for other lists.

Messages that would not be accepted on other lists are welcome here (provided they are allowed under the rules).

This is a currently a low-traffic list with 0 emails per week.

Are there any rules?

Yes, the mailing list rules. The CLUG-tech list is the most strict with rules. Off-topic messages are only acceptable on the CLUG-noise list.

Are there list archives?

Yes. You can search them or browse:

How many members does CLUG have?

Best guess (as of September 2007):

Total (unique)861

Why did I get a bounce saying “suspicious header” or “filter rule match”?

This means that your message was about a banned subject.

Please consult the mailing list rules.

If you feel that your message was legitimate, contact the mailing list admins.

How do I retrieve my lost mailing list password?

So you lost your password, eh ? Well all is not lost. Mailman can be told to mail you your password, but you will need to know one thing: the email address that you used to subscribe.

First go to Clug Mailing Lists (preferably in a new browser window.)

Next choose the mailing-list you’re interested in from one of the links (at the bottom)

You will end up on a page with many fill-in fields. Ignore them all except for the one right at the bottom referring to your subscription email address. Put your subscription email address in there.

And hit the button marked Unsubscribe or edit options.

You should now see a page with three buttons. The one right at the bottom is labeled Remind. Hit that one.

Now go to your room, and lie down for a little while as your password makes its way to you. You can also take the time to recite something about keeping your passwords in a safe place in future. :-)

How do I manage large amounts of email?

The best and easiest way to manage a mailing list is to create a message filter. This will allow you to receive all your Penguin Colony email into one folder to view at your convenience, instead of receiving it with all your usual email.

Need help? Here are guides for various email clients that you may be using:

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