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General Rules


  1. Be Polite
  2. No Politics or Religion
  3. * including anti-Microsoft / anti-Telkom ranting
  4. Off Topic messages are not permitted.
  5. Don't post me too! emails - they are not useful in any way
  6. Don't post Thank you emails
  7. * Send them directly to the person - not to the list unless they contain additional information that would be useful to anyone following the thread.
  8. * Also, messages like "Thanks, I will try this" are not useful. Rather try it first, and then report back on whether it worked or not.
  9. No Press Releases.

Netiquette (Method)

  1. Be polite
  2. * Remember your email is being read by hundreds of people.
  3. * "Flaming" is far less useful than posting a good solution to a problem.
  4. * Don't post questions too often.
  5. Don't start a new thread / discussion by replying to an old email
  6. * Decent email programs will consider your message to be part of the old thread and most CLUG members won't see your message.
  7. * Changing the subject isn't enough - there are headers in your message that link to the one you replied to.
  8. Don't perpetuate long threads unneccessarily
  9. * We have lots of members but that doesn't mean we all want to read 3 screenfulls of mail every day
  10. Research your topic before you post
  11. * If googling the subject line of your message answers the question, you shouldn't have posted the message :-)
  12. * Search the CLUG mail archives
  13. Write nice text emails
    1. Turn off HTML
    2. * We don't want fancy flashing colours and fonts - just your message.
    3. Limit lines to 70 characters
    4. * If you must use Outlook, you will have to use the Enter key to achieve this.
    5. Don't attach files
    6. * (except for small text files where relevent) - i.e. scripts
    7. * Rather put other files up on your website or the CLUG wiki.
    8. Edit Quoted Messages
    9. * Cut out irrelevent sections of the message you are replying to
    10. * Put your reply below the question (see Top posting?)
    11. Choose a descriptive subject
    12. * i.e. none of "Help!", "Linux question", or "Re: Clug-tech digest, Vol 1 #490 - 19 msgs"
    13. Keep your signature short (under 4 lines)
    14. * No disclaimers please.
    15. Don't send winmail.dat attachments, send standard MIME attachments. How to disable winmail.dat for Outlook users.
  14. Don't Cross-post
  15. * That means don't send your email to more than one mailing list (any list, anywhere).

Specific Rules

These rules are specific to each list.






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