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IRC Channel

The CLUG IRC Channel is #clug and can be found on the Atrum IRC network at on ports 6666-6668 (plain), or 6697,7000,7001 (SSL).

You can connect using your favourite IRC client. We have recommended some clients for Linux further down on this page. #clug is hidden from channel listings, so you'll have to /join #clug.

If you have firewall restrictions try connecting to on port 21, or similarly for ports 80, 110 and 8080.

You can also use a web-based chat app -- if you're completely new to IRC this is a good way to get started.


Cape should, however, resolve to the closest server geographically.


I'm goin' down to ClugPark, gonna meet some geeks online...


There is a bot which sits on the CLUG IRC channel called Spinach.

Web-based client

If you know nothing about IRC, or you don't want to set up an IRC client yet, you can follow these instructions to start chatting right now in your browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Atrum from the drop-down list of servers
  3. Enter a nick(name) for yourself
  4. Enter #clug as the channel
  5. Click the connect button

Desktop clients

There are many IRC clients available for Linux, including:

There are many instant messaging apps which also support IRC, for example:

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