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"Western Cape Linux User Group" shall mean the members of the Group and any honorary members appointed in terms of this constitution. "Member" shall mean a member of the Group. "Committee Member" indicates a member of the Committee, who has been duly elected in terms of this constitution, including any member of the Group who has been co-opted by the Committee in terms of this constitution. Except where otherwise stated, words denoting the masculine shall include the feminine; and words denoting the plural shall include the singular.

Constitution, Name, and Membership

  1. This Constitution shall govern the Group and all its members.
  2. The body shall be constituted as the Western Cape Linux User Group, hereinafter referred to as the "Group". The Group shall be an association of members pursuing the same objectives and purposes without pecuniary gain to any of its members. The Group shall be constituted as a separate legal entity with its own assets and liabilities.
  3. Membership of the Group is open to all persons interested in furthering the purposes of the Group and more specifically the "Objectives" enumerated below.

Mission Statement

  1. The mission of the Group is to promote the understanding and use of the Linux operating system, and open-source software in general.


  1. The Group shall serve as a source of information in the Western Cape regarding Linux and open-source software.
  2. The Group shall liase with the public, the press, government, academic and commercial organisations.
  3. The Group shall endeavour to be represented at computer industry events in the Western Cape.
  4. The Group shall provide a forum for the open exchange of information.


  1. The Committee shall be the governing body of the Group.
  2. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and five members elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee may co-opt other members as deemed necessary to fulfill the purports of the Group.
  3. Specific Committee Members may take on one or more responsible roles as Meeting Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Technical Coordinator, Webmaster, Mailing List Administrator, Publicist, Press Liaison, Internet Community Liaison, Government Liaison, Education Liaison, Industry Liaison, Sponsorship Coordinator, Exhibition Coordinator, Volunteer Team Coordinator, Education Projects Coordinator, and additional designated responsibilities as deemed necessary.
  4. The Committee shall consist only of natural persons.
  5. The Committee shall make all public statements on behalf of the Group.

Committee Meetings

  1. A quorum for Committee meetings shall be four members.
  2. All matters before the committee shall be decided by means of a majority vote. In the event of an equal split in the votes, the Chairperson (or acting Chairperson) may exercise a casting vote.
  3. While minutes of meetings are not taken, any important decisions taken that affect CLUG will be publically announced on the clug-announce mailing list?, and thereby archived.
  4. Committee meetings shall be announced by the Chairperson at least 24 hours before the proposed time of the meeting.

Functions of Office Bearers

  1. The Chairperson shall decide all matters relating to order and execute the other customary duties of a Chairperson.
  2. The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the governance of the Group and may act in the stead of the Chairperson at his or her request.
  3. The Secretary shall be responsible for the taking and distribution of minutes of the Committee Meetings.
  4. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Be authorised to open, administrate and operate the banking account in the name of the Group.
    2. Keep all books of account of the Group and present these, upon reasonable request, to any member.
    3. Present a financial report at every Annual General Meeting.
    4. Disburse all moneys authorized by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of this constitution and account for such disbursement to the Committee at the following meeting.
    5. Keep the financial affairs of the Group separate at all times to those of any of its members and ensure there is no conflict between the interests of the Group and any members. In the event of such conflict, the Treasurer shall report the matter to the Committee immediately.
    6. Shall ensure that all legal requirements of audit are met.

Definition of Responsible Roles

  1. The Meeting Coordinator shall coordinate meetings of the Group.
  2. The Technical Coordinator shall coordinate the Group's Internet and IT infrastructure.
  3. The Webmaster shall maintain the Group's website.
  4. The Mailing List Administrator shall administrate the Group's Internet mailing lists.
  5. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the membership information.
  6. The Publicist shall liaise with the public and other organisations regarding the activities of the Group.
  7. The Press Liaison shall liaise with the press and coordinate press releases issued by the Committee on behalf of the Group.
  8. The Linux Community Liaison shall liaise with other Linux organisations.
  9. The Government Liaison shall liaise with the government departments and officials, and lobby government to protect the interests of the open-source community.
  10. The Industry Liaison shall liaise with commercial organisations.
  11. The Education Liaison shall liaise with education and academic organisations.
  12. The Volunteer Team Coordinator shall coordinate teams of volunteers from the Group who wish to participate in special projects.
  13. The Sponsorship Coordinator shall liaise with sponsors with a view to raising funds for special projects.
  14. The Exhibition Coordinator shall coordinate special projects relating to exhibitions by the Group.
  15. The Education Projects Coordinator shall coordinate special projects relating to the use of Linux and open-source software in education in the Western Cape.

Election of Committee Members

  1. Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by means of a process of nomination. If more than one person is nominated, the members shall determine by majority vote which nominee shall fill the post.
  2. Any Committee member so elected will hold office for a period of one year commencing from the day of the AGM.

Disqualification of Committee Members

  1. A Committee member who is absent without apologies from three consecutive Committee meetings may be relieved of his duties at the discretion of the committee present at the meetings.
  2. A Committee member who is guilty of general misconduct shall be disqualified by a majority vote of two-thirds of the whole Committee.
  3. Any Committee member who uses his position to further his own interest to the exclusion of any other in the Group shall be disqualified.


  1. Meetings of the Group shall be held monthly, unless otherwise specified by the Committee.
  2. There shall be an AGM, and notice and the agenda thereof shall be posted to all members at least twenty one days before the date of such a meeting.
  3. The quorum for the AGM shall be one third of the Group or twenty members, whichever is the lesser. These numbers include proxy votes.


  1. Members are natural persons who subscribe to the Group's Internet mailing list for announcements, and have attended at least one meeting of the Group.
  2. Membership may be revoked by the Committee if it can be shown that a member acts in any way detrimental to the interests of the Group.
  3. Members are not permitted to make public statements or representations on behalf of the Group without the consent of the Committee.

Adoption and Amendment

  1. This Constitution may be amended by a majority of two thirds of all members attending an AGM. Such amendment includes the temporary waiver of any provisions, the inclusion or removal of any clauses and the dissolution of the Group.
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