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clug-work mailing list

What it is:

The clug-work list is an email list like clug-tech or clug-chat except that it is dedicated to announcing Open Source-related employment opportunities, employment wanted, contract work and one off jobs.

What it is not:

The clug-work list is not for agents or paid intermediaries.


In order to post to the clug-work list you need to be subscribed to it.

Employment Wanted

Posting CVs to the list can be slightly tricky. You do not want to send attachments to the list (there is a file size limit and attachments mess up the archives). Although posting your CV in ASCII (plain text) is one option you will have lost all formatting which hopefully made your CV easier to read in the first place.

There are several ways around these problems.

Send an email to the list containing:

  • a one paragraph summary of your skills and desired work
  • an offer to email your CV to the any interested parties
  • a link to where people can download your CV

Please be careful with the last option. It is not advisable to put too much personal information on to the Internet. Especially things like ID numbers, full name, address and date of birth, etc. This information can be used in identity theft type crimes.

Employment Offered

Think of all the relevant details for the position you have in mind and put them in an email and send it to the list.

Several important pieces of information include the following:

  • job type: permanent, contract, or one off job
  • description of the work involved
  • term (length) of employment
  • required: skills, experience, technologies, education
  • nice to have: skills, experience, technologies, education
  • salary range
  • salary type: cost to company, commission structure, basic + extras
  • location (if relevant)
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