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Put any ideas you have for what we can do to make our stall on Jammie Plaza attractive and appealing.

It doesn't have to be in the form of a list - describe anything you envision :)

Stand Schedule

Monday| Stefano & Kyle| Adrian & Ben| Julian & Michelle
Tuesday| Julian & Michelle| Alastair & Adrian| Marco & Michiel
Wednesday| Marco & Stefano| Michiel| Kyle & Alastair

Times people can make

Talking Points

Selling points: We maintain LEG mirrors, shell server, etc. and foster OSS on campus. If they are believers, they'll want to help us do what we do.

As to money. If they can't afford to help, that's ok, but we want to spend all the money on them (i.e. food for LEG events, hardware, etc.)

Things for 2011

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