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Linux and FLOSS

LEG History and current activities

LEG was founded in 1996 by a few Linux users at UCT. This probably makes it the oldest Linux organisation in Africa. As LEG grew, it gained off-campus users, and eventually formed CLUG, the Cape Linux Users Group. CLUG is now South Africa's (if not Africa's) most active and best respected Linux User Group.

LEG has played an imporant role in the support of the Cape Linux Users Group. The LEG admins have been responsible for maintaining CLUG's mailing lists and server infrastructure. Chemical Engineering provided hosting for CLUG's servers, in exchange for LEG running an an Open Source Mirror on UCT's campus ( This lets students and staff on campus download linux distributions and free software packages during the day at high speed without consuming external bandwidth. The the mirror itself is kept up to date during the night when the University's connection is idle.

The current LEG admins started their undergraduate studies in 2005, and have been working hard to grow LEG. The mirror has grown in quality and size on their watch, and a community has started to form again. We now have mailing lists and forums where Linux-using students can discuss their UCT-specific problems. We have a dedicated communication channel with ICTS to inform them of our users' unique issues, and help them to be resolved. Forming a society is the next step in our community-building process.

In 2006, we gained a Freedom Toaster to help us distribute Free Software. It is housed in the CS building, and has quickly become the best-maintained toaster in the country, thanks to our mirror. We regularly send updates to the maintainers of other toasters around the country.

Objectives and LEG in the future

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