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What distros do you use at UCT? What department uses them, and if you use old versions, what versions? Can you tell us where it is used (desktops / servers / departmental servers), and how friendly your department will be to supporting LEG financially to mirror your distro (should we hit a disk-space-crunch).

Please add yourself to this page.

DepartmentDistros in useSupport LevelContactLast Updated
LEG InternalDebian/Ubuntu i386/amd64N/AStefano Rivera, LEGJuly 2008
Department of Chemical EngineeringUbuntu 8.04, Rocks 5, DebianChemeng hosts our serversGraham InggsJuly 2008
Process Modeling and Optimization Group, Department of Chemical EngineeringUbuntu 8.04Donated a 1TB driveKlaus MöllerJuly 2008
Climate Systems Analysis Group, Department of Environmental and Geographical Science:Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora Chris Jack2009
Technical Support Service (TSS), Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS):FreeBSD (servers, routers, etc), Debian (servers, desktops) Craig Balfour ?2006
CERECAM, Department of Mechanical EngineeringUbuntu 8.04, OpenSuse 10.3Donated a 1TB driveAndrew McBrideJuly 2008
Electron Microscope Unit (EMU)Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL3/CentOS. Generally servers run Linux and desktops dual boot. Rory ?2007
UCT-CERN Research CentreScientific Linux 4 x86_64 and Fedora Core 3 for the computing facility; Debian and FreeBSD 6 & 7 on servers; users run a mix of Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and Suse.Offer of HDDsGareth de VauxJuly 2008
Division of Anatomical PathologyFedora Core 5, soon to be updated Ray KrielJuly 2008
Advanced Information Management Lab, Computer Science DepartmentGentoo Linux on a 13-node cluster Marlon Paulse (Mpaulse)2006
Department of Computer ScienceFreeBSD (servers, desktops), Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (servers, desktops)Donated clamCraig BalfourJuly 2008
Shuttleworth Opensource Lab, Science FacultyUbuntu i386 (7.04 desktops, 8.04 LTS server)Hosts freedom toasterCraig BalfourJuly 2008
Department of Maths and Applied MathsOctave, many Ubuntu desktops, Debian on some servers Adrian Frith ?2007
Data Network Architectures lab, Department of Computer ScienceGentoo embedded/arm, x86Offered to try and find fundingAndrew Symington, Carl Hultquist2007
Collaborative Visual Computing lab Department of Computer ScienceGentoo x86 amd64 Carl Hultquist2007
IBM Linux Competency Centre/Open Computing Centre, (CS Department managed, shared facility)Ubuntu 9.04 on management desktops, SLES 10.1 on servers and nodes.Offered to help where possibleBen Steenhuisen2007
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (some affiliate students)All desktops and servers run Linux: Debian, Ubuntu (and Scipy) Jan Groenewald, Andy Rabagliati2007
Radar Remote Sensing Group, Department of Electrical EngineeringUbuntu 8.04 on desktops, Debian on serversPromised to mention LEG in lecturesMarc Brooker2008
Speech Technology & Research (STAR) Group, Department of Electrical EngineeringUbuntu 6.10 and Debian on desktops, Debian on servers (latest server runs Ubuntu) BRAiDi ?2007
Infectious Disease Epidemiology UnitUbuntu 7.04 on desktop Eugene Zwane (Ezwane)2007
Center of Excellence (CoE) in Broadband Networks, Department of Electrical EngineeringUbuntu 7.04 (soon to be 7.10) on most desktops and almost all servers. Mikep ?2007
Aids & Society Research Unit, Center for Social Science ResearchUbuntu 8.10 and 8.04 on desktops Eduard Grebe2008
Digital Image Processing (DIP) Research Group, Department of Electrical EngineeringUbuntu 8.04 on desktops, FreeBSD on server John Morkel (Jmorkel)July 2008
SHAWCO (Student Health and Welfare Centre Organisation), Education SectorUbuntu 8.04 LAMP server Gordone ?July 2008
Department of Information Systems (InfoSys)dual-boot into Ubuntu now 7.10 (soon to be 8.04 ) on a few laptops and two PCs. Jean-Paul Van Bele (Jvbelle)March 2008
Robotics and Agents Research LabUbuntu 8.04 and Slackware on desktops marcoJuly 2008
Department of OceanographyUbuntu (primarily) & Fedora on Servers, Desktops, Laptops Neil HartDecember 2008
Department of Mechanical Engineering(K)Ubuntu (latest stable) on Desktops, LaptopsEncourage honours students to switch to *nix and point them to LEGErnesto IsmailApril 2009
Perceptum Thought SquadDebian/Ubuntu i386/amd64 Bryan Gruneberg, 2010
Add yourself above this: department (with link if possible)distrosdo you support leg?contact details (links and names)month & year
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