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We are in the process of migrating data from our old wiki to this wiki -- we apologise for any inconvenience caused by our construction efforts.

The Cape Linux User Group is a non-profit organization located in the Western Cape, South Africa which aims to promote Linux; Open Source and Free Software and to create opportunities for interested individuals to share their knowledge with one another via meetings, social events and mailing lists.


CLUG is entirely volunteer-driven. Membership is open to all, and there are no membership fees. We rely on external sponsors to cover the organisation's costs.

The barrier to entry is really low: a member is defined as someone who has attended at least one CLUG meeting and is a member of the clug-announce mailing list. See our constitution for more definitions and more information about our objectives.

Where do I get help with Linux?

Firstly, Google is your friend. There are plenty of other wikis on the Internet that may contain useful information for your distribution:

You can also ask for help on the CLUG Mailing Lists or pop into the CLUG IRC Channel.

Other Linux-related websites and groups in South Africa:

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